Since we began designing cabinets ,
we've watched as a parade
of styles have gone in and out, and as
trends in our industry have gone back,
forth, up and down. And the more of
those changes we saw, the more we were
convinced that we would always stick with
what we knew worked well for us
and what's always served our customers
best. Solid craftsmanship, personal service
and listening to what your customers need
are traits that stand the test of time and
never go out of style.

It's all part of a tradition and a set of
values that have always been a hallmark of
our part of the country: Work hard, listen,
pay attention to the details, respect
craftsmanship and quality, and everything
else will most likely take care of itself.

We like to think we share those values
with our customers, cabinet makers and
remodelers whose businesses aren't based
on volume, but on pride of workmanship
and in crafting cabinetry and woodwork
with enduring character.

The times, tools and technology have
changed a great deal, but the rich heritage
that defines the art of fine woodworking
remains the same. Thank you for your
interest in Heliopolis.